We  are Living History enthusiasts, primarily involved in the Pre-1840 Mountain Man era. We are members of several muzzle loading clubs in Arizona, as well as the Powderhorn Clan. We attend about a dozen Living History events a year, including all Clan events, Mazatzal Mountain Muzzleloaders rendezvous, Manzinita High Mountain Rendezvous , Laguna Mountain Rendezvous , & several others as time ( and jobs!) allow. We also perform on occasion with the Mo' Bedda Band, on those all too rare occasions we all happen to make the same event!
We have been crafting scrimshawed powder horns, rum horns, brain tanned bags, iron work from the forge & innumerable other necessities of frontier living (for more years than we care to admit!) & offer them for sale to all our friends at rendezvous. We have recently decided to expand those efforts online, in a limited fashion. Everything we offer is handmade by us, right here in the good ol' USA.
We also offer web site design, primarily to non-profit organizations & small scale craftsman such as ourselves. We aren't for everybody, nor do we want to be. We will give fair value (& then some!) for your money.
Come see us at rendezvous...

Keep 'em primed,  'hear?